I hope you enjoy browsing through some examples of articles I have written over the years for companies I have worked at, on all things Accessibility and Inclusion. Any questions, do feel free to get in touch!

May 2018

“Lets Start the Conversation: Anxiety, Mental Health and Digital Accessibility” – Rufus Leonard

January 2018

“Accessibility and Cognitive Impairment” – System Concepts


“Dementia and Inclusive Digital Design – AbilityNet Webinar”

November 2016

“Leading ladies – Lily Williams” – Liverpool Girl Geeks

March 2016

“Reading printed text in real time” – Royal Society of Blind Children

January 2016

“A wearable device that recognises faces and objects around you” – Royal Society of Blind Children

“I want to empower blind young people through technology” – Royal Society of Blind Children