I am Lilianna Williams (also known as Lily). I am the epitome of a creative nerd. My 3 main passions in life are Inclusion, Creativity and Travel.


As Stevie Wonder perfectly said – “We need to make every single thing accessible to every single person with a disability”.

I have 4+ years experience in the disability sector as well as the Accessibility / User Experience sector, which has been invaluable to me. It allows me to have a mind-set that automatically focuses on peoples needs first. My experience includes;

  • Special Educational Needs Learning Support Assistant
  • Alternative format (large print and electronic) facilitator
  • Key Support Worker
  • Assistive Technology Tutor for Visually Impaired and Blind young adults
  • Sighted Guide
  • Braille transcriber
  • Accessibility & Usability Consultant
  • Moderator of Disabled User Testing Sessions
  • Disability / Accessibility and UX Activist
  • Collaborating with Developers and Designers to improve Accessibility / UX

Now my focus is in Accessibility of the digital world. I know WCAG 2.0 like the back of my hand – its great! There are so many areas in digital accessibility / UX that inspire me – my current main interest is Cognitive Impairments and accessibility. Watch this space – I am planning lots of content / research around this area!

Have a gander at examples of my previous work if you fancy. My most up to date interests and rambles in this field are on my BlogAlso, find out more about my work on my Linkedin page.


Art and creativity has always been part of my life – to this day I still vividly remember my Granddad teaching me to draw when I was very young.

I graduated in 2014 with a 1st Class Honours from the University of Westminster, studying BA Contemporary Media Practice (specialising in interactive art and programming). Previous to this, I completed an Art Foundation Diploma at the University of the Creative Arts.

Now I regularly express my creativity through Art and Photography.

I create and sell a range of Art prints on Society6, which I enjoy doing so much. This mostly features nature; I am so inspired by the inevitable repetition of pattern seen in nature.

Also, I currently train in Olympic Weightlifting (random I know!), so am totally fascinated with capturing the amazingness of the sport. Have a look at my Sports Photography Instagram page.


The world is such a big and beautiful place, full of so many interesting humans to meet, cultures to experience and just so much to learn about! This inspires me more than written words can express.

This year (2017) I had the best trip of my life travelling solo around Asia. I visited Nepal, Myanmar, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam and Japan.

Have a watch of what I was up to!

Any questions about any of the content on this page, why not get in touch?